A Van Gogh!

A Van Gogh!
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Bad Ideas

I want a Van Gogh. I even know where I want to hang it. But how the hell am I going to get a Van Gogh?

Some ideas:

(1) Get a job that makes me lots of money; save, save and save some more; and then buy one.
Problem: Too much time and effort. Besides, I would need to make LOTS of money. Not going to happen.
(2) Steal one from a museum
Problem: Prison would really suck.
(3) Find someone who owns a Van Gogh and perform a sexual favor for it.
Problem: I ‘aint that sexy.

So I don’t know. If I am going to get a Van Gogh, I am going to need a better plan than what I’ve got so far. If there is anyone out there with any ideas about how I could get a Van Gogh, let me know.

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