A Van Gogh!

A Van Gogh!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I haven’t received any offers to trade yet. So let me tell you a bit about the artist and the picture.

Dominic is eight. (He was seven when he drew that picture.) He likes to play sports, dance, play with his dogs, and eat. He has a highly refined philosophy of art, which he sums up with the following question: Hey, can I have some of your cake?

Dominic’s artistic training has come from a careful study of Shel Silverstein’s ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’. There is widespread agreement that his mastery of existentialist themes traces directly to the poem ‘Sick’. Experts, however, have not been able to determine the source of his bold use of color, though there are two major theories: (1) He is rebelling in a brilliant though haphazard way against the black and white drawings in ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’; (2) He has been watching SpongeBob SquarePants.

Dominic's picture doesn’t have a name; but I like to call it – Face With Line Through It. It clearly exhibits Dominic’s struggle with the sporadic anonymity of our internet-addicted youth culture. The line represents the schism between the personality, which was the dominant intellectual meme in the twentieth century, and then gene, which is and will continue to be the dominant intellectual meme in the twenty first century.

Experts estimate that Dominic’s painting is worth about 58 cents. I reckon it is worth at least a dollar.

So if anyone wants to trade a painting for my Dominic original, let me know.

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  1. I concur with your analysis -- Dominic's brand of rebellion bears the marks of an individual alienated from his social environment. He may very well be Stephen Dedalus for the 21st Century