A Van Gogh!

A Van Gogh!
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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Who would have thought? I made a trade.

I have been posting to the artist section in various cities on Craisglist, trying to drum up interest in the Van Gogh project. And it finally worked.

The painting is called: Akrasia.

The artist’s name is Peter Smith. He lives in Miami and paints in his spare time.

Peter claims that he liked what I did to Ode To Life. The nails, caulk and the board give it a tangible edginess. (Those were his words.) And he liked the title.

We had a lovely chat on the phone. Interestingly enough, Peter, like Boo, does not show his work in public. People have told him he should try to sell his paintings or, barring that, at least have a show. But he finds the pathological need of artists to gain the admiration of the public a revolting display of petty narcissism. (His words again.) So he just hangs his art in his house.

I asked Peter why he was willing to go public with his work by participating in the Van Gogh Project. And he said he liked the idea that his work would eventually be compared to one of Van Gogh’s.

So there you have it. Call it the power of the internet if you like. Call it the power of luck. I prefer to call it the power of the universe.

In my next post I will describe my reaction to Akrasia.

Until then, however, I can’t help but give the universe a little nudge:

I want someone to trade a painting for Akrasia.
I want someone to trade a painting for Akrasia.
I want someone to trade a painting for Akrasiae.

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  1. I would love to talk sometime see what we could trade. I am an Artist they call me the "Artist of the Soul" my name is Glenn Thomas Aupperle you can see my work on facebook hope to see you there. take care