A Van Gogh!

A Van Gogh!
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

That is the name of my latest trade.

The artist’s name is Gregory Dolnikowski. He is a nutrition professor at Tufts University; and he paints in his spare time.

Gregory learned to paint when he was young from his mother who was an artist. (Among other things, she painted the background scenes for displays in the Boston Museum of Natural History.)

Gregory is quite an active artist. He regularly displays his art around Boston; many people commission his paintings; and he even paints at parties. His work can be seen here:


I had a lovely chat with Gregory before Christmas. Nature often inspires his painting: for instance, a rainstorm that beat down upon the windows in his studio inspired The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.

Listening to Gregory talk about his painting definitely made me want to paint. He clearly finds immense pleasure in the act of painting. He told me that he sometimes loses himself in music as his brush swirls around a canvas. And he particularly enjoys painting at parties, which I must admit sounds like a lot of fun. Best of all, he has a regular job and so doesn’t have to starve like Van Gogh.

Trading for Gregory’s painting was a great way to end the year. I really do feel like that the universe has given me a Christmas gift.

Maybe next year, the universe will give me a Van Gogh for Christmas.

Of course, to get a Van Gogh, I need to make some trades.

So, just to help the universe along a little bit (especially now that I feel as if it is actively on my side), I can’t help but announce:

I want someone to trade for The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
I want someone to trade for The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
I want someone to trade for The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

If anyone wants to trade for a Dolnikwoski original, let me know.

You can reach me at: pstudtmann@gmail.com

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