A Van Gogh!

A Van Gogh!
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Monday, April 11, 2011


I have received a number of offers but haven’t yet seen any painting that I really want to trade Dora Maar for. So I am feeling frustrated.

Although I have asked the Universe for another trade, I still can’t help but return to Regina’s contention that I need a strategy. Perhaps I do. So far I have been posting ads on Craiglist. But perhaps I need something more.

But what?

Here are the ideas I have come up with so far.

Advertising. This one seems like a no brainer. Advertising is the key to everything, isn’t it? And I must admit I rather like the idea of putting an ad in the Wall Street Journal.

Approach the artists on campus. We have several accomplished artists that teach here. As far as I know, only one of them knows anything about the Van Gogh Project. Perhaps one of them would be interested in trading for Dora Maar.

Reintroduce the lottery concept. I still can’t completely lay to rest the idea of a lottery for a Van Gogh. Now that I want to ascend the OJ scale, maybe a lottery would be the perfect catalyst.

That’s it. Those are all the ideas I have had. And now that I think about it, they don’t seem all that bad.

So today I will e-mail the art department here and look into ads for the Wall Street Journal.

And if neither of those generates any interest, I will seriously consider the lottery.

And if I get really desperate, perhaps I will make a sacrifice to the universe. I hear it likes ears.


  1. Hey! Sorry to hear that you're feeling frustrated - now you know what it's like to be an artist who has great work but can't seem to sell anything. :-) Why do you think the WSJ is your ideal place for advertising? What about Art Forum or Communication Arts? I'd be curious to know in which communities you're placing CL ads - I've seen your messages on the Athens, MC but what about communities that have large art schools - Savannah, Providence, San Fran, Brooklyn/NYC - maybe you're already posting there...

    I think the god of the old testament was into sacrifices but I don't know about the Universe - something tells me the more you think about being stuck the more stuck you will be... :-)

    Have a great week!
    Laura Z.

  2. Hi Laura! You're right -- best not to think about being stuck. Besides, I like my ear.

    I have been posting to some of the cities you mentioned but not to all of them. I will start doing so.

    I'm not sure why I chose the WSJ. Perhaps I associate it with people who have money. But I think you are right a second time -- I should check out publications having to do with art.

    You have a great week as well! Mine is shaping up pretty nicely so far.


  3. Hey,

    I know something you can do that has big advertising potential and costs nothing - open a campaign for this on Facebook. You can treat it similarly to your blog, you'd just have to adjust for FB's specific functions. You would have the opportunity to reach millions of people and you would learn how to campaign in a new medium. Just an idea. Hope all is going well! And I still am hoping you will send me pics of your art!

    Your Niece,
    Mary Beth

    ps Going to a Cubs game today and reminiscent about the one we went to - you must visit sometime again!

  4. Hey Mary Beth!

    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I think that's a great idea. Now that school is finally over I will have some time to make a page. I hope things are good in Chicago! Talk to you soon.

    Paul (Your Uncle)